Litigation Support and Forensic Accounting Services

The Kingsley Group realizes that commercial and bankruptcy litigation is complex, fast-paced and ever changing. Kingsley Group professionals give utmost care and attention to privilege issues, and they are certain to maintain credibility and impartiality in opinions. The need for experienced and knowledgeable financial and accounting advisors is often invaluable. The Kingsley Group can provide expert financial assistance throughout the litigation process and takes an active role in assisting clients and their attorneys. Kingsley Group principals have qualified as experts in federal, state and bankruptcy courts

• Financial expert witness testimony
• Fraud investigations
• Bankruptcy litigation (including issues of fraudulent conveyance)
• Business interruption claim analysis
• Breach of contract and breach of warranty disputes
• Damage and lost earnings calculations
• Property and purchase price dispute analysis

Sample Litigation Support and Forensic Accounting Engagements