Debtor and Creditor Advisory Services

The Kingsley Group has provided to debtors and creditors insightful and impactful financial advisory services in numerous bankruptcy and troubled situations without assuming an interim management role. Clients, and their legal advisors, have relied on the insightful analysis provided by Kingsley Group professionals to accurately assess the troubled entity. Specific services provided have included assessment of business viability, assessing feasibility of financial projections, measurement of assets, and negotiation of new debt and credit facilities.

Debtor Services
• Thorough analysis of alternatives to bankruptcy
• Chapter 11 bankruptcy process advisor
• Debt restructuring assistance and covenant negotiation
• Business plan creation, review, and cash flow modeling
• Plan of reorganization assistance

Creditor and Bondholder Services
• Assistance in maximizing claims recovery
• Analysis of cash management and conservation plans
• Monitoring of debtor with periodic reporting requirements and analyses
• Analysis of all debtor motions to ensure needs of client not being compromised
• Review of plan of reorganization and assessment of impact on client

Sample Debtor and Creditor Advisory Engagements